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  • Al Dente


    Beirut, Lebanon

    For this restaurant housed in a traditional Lebanese home, we discovered a design opportunity from the spatial constraints. Utilizing the high ceilings, we created a series of elegant sculptures that captured the dimensions of the spaces below. 

  • Barbican Food Hall/Barbican Lounge


    London, U.K.

    Located in Central London, the Barbican Centre is an icon of 1970s Brutalist architecture. For the main food hall and the first floor lounge, we worked around the design constraints of heritage buildings to create a series of unique design interventions. 

  • BFI Stephen Street Kitchen


    London, U.K.

    The elegant, white-and-brass insertions we designed for the bar and lounge at the British Film Institute evoke the essential origins of cinema: the play of light and space. 

  • Burgundy


    Beirut, Lebanon

    Using the distinct vaulted ceiling of the space, we created a visual signature that highlighted the dual function of the space as both a restaurant and bar. 

  • Chotto Matte


    London, U.K.

    For this Tokyo inspired space, our response was twofold. Sculptural lighting supplements the pillars of the space. Technical elements are then utilized to highlight focal points such as the graffiti wall.   

  • Gilt


    Beirut, Lebanon

    To compliment Gilt's new architectural form that seamlessly communicates with the space, our intention was to highlight the restaurant’s impressive architectural features and its functional areas.

  • Iris


    Beirut, Lebanon

    Iris, a rooftop bar with no ceilings, walls or columns. We decided to use that plan as a guide and created three distinct suspended sculptural installations.

  • Mybar


    Beirut, Lebanon

    Three large ventilation ducts lay suspended  in the main space. They became the focal influence for this project to create a series of wrap-around lighting that seamlessly blend with the industrial space. 

  • Pierluigi


    Rome, Italy

    Our intervention on Pierluigi highlights the contemporary overhaul of this heritage restaurant. Over two floors, the space offers a rich feast for the senses that is reflected in the lighting elements.

  • Stereokitchen


    Beirut, Lebanon

    This versatile bar and restaurant needed an element that would also highlight its panoramic terrace. We created a mesh steel ceiling that wrapped around the space and subtly integrated the lighting in its grooves. 

  • Sticks n' Sushi


    London, U.K.

    With two entrances at both sides and stretching over three existing buildings, this collaboration proved an exciting challenge for us.  A combination of steel and brass elements conserved the homey, yet urban feel of this restaurant. 

  • Tamarai Cairo


    Cairo, Egypt

    The proposal was to develop the lighting concept in relation to the architectural layout of walls versus windows. We projected this grid onto the high ceiling creating a lighting system substructure made of metallic beams carrying horseshoe-like fixtures.

  • Tawlet


    Beirut, Lebanon

    For this organic restaurant we took our cues from the overwhelmingly high ceilings.This led to the creation of a sculptural pendant light descended down to the main counter and highlighted the food offerings. 

  • The Jane


    Antwerp, Belgium

    The renovation of this former chapel was not charged with the idea of a makeover, but was focused on bringing out the existing qualities and materials of the space. Weighing 800 kilograms and suspended from one point in the ceiling, the chandelier is the focal point of this Michelin-starred restaurant designed by Piet Boon. 

  • Waterlemon


    Beirut, Lebanon

    Because of Waterlemon's tunnel like volume and lack of natural light, our design was inspired by the curve. The insertion of strips of linear cold cathode lamps that vary in length and placement, allowed for a more dynamic feel of the space.

  • Capitole


    Beirut, Lebanon

    As a response to the initial concept, we developed a lighting scheme for Capitole's casual atmosphere and multi-functional space, keeping in mind the elongated shape of the rooftop and the relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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July 14th, 2017

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Mario and Romy spent a part of their holiday in #Marseille. The unité d'habitation is a #modernist residential housing design principle developed by #LeCorbusier, with the collaboration of painter-architect Nadir Afonso. #PSLab-Stuttgart #PSLabOnHoliday

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